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The Guide - Free Download from Google Play
Or use your phone to scan in the QR Barcode and go directly to Google Play.

All the Info in one spot.
Planning to go on holiday? Maybe you're a Backpacker - or maybe you just want to find out what's going on tonight in your town..
Whether you are a traveller or a local - it's hard sifting through all that information to find what you want to know about - types of accommodation, the restaurants, the fun activities, the transport.
We suffer from information overload - wouldn't it be nice to have All the information you need in one spot, Sitting in your pocket?

The HitchHikers Guide will also tell you about all the Shows, Events, Gigs, Garage Sales, Specials and Markets that are happening, as they happen.

It's a Free phone App that has Exactly all the information you needed in user-friendly categories.

It's configurable - just configure in the Location you want to know about. The data is downloaded so you have it available even when there's no Internet access.
It's Dynamic - press the Update button and get all the fresh changes - the new specials - the new GIGS that have been added or changed.
Right now its for Brisbane and Sydney, Australia, and additional locations will be added soon. Next off the rank is The Gold Coast, Queensland, followed by all the major locations in Australia, and spreading outwards to the world.

Want to advertise for FREE? - use JABBA - to sell, deal, announce - whatever you want to use it for. Be creative.
Having a Garage Sale? Use the FREE option to tell people its happening. Its instant!
The Guide is a valuable tool for anyone who wants an instant update on what's happening in their home town, right NOW.

So Download it for free.. What are you waiting for?